My mission is to help you maximize your potential and reach your wildest visions.

I work with leaders who seek be more effective or fulfilled in work and life.

The challenges I often help leaders address include:

  • improving habits and productivity,
  • finding purpose and power,
  • aligning values and vision,
  • managing relationships,
  • building resilience, and
  • making better decisions

What You Can Expect

I bring my whole self to coaching.

You get a trusted founder, advisor, investor, and coach. You also get a husband, son, refugee, and more. My journey founding and operating startups means that I'm a different kind of coach. You get 35 years of life experience and 10 years as a founder.

I bring proven frameworks to help you achieve your best self.

The hardest work is the work you will do on yourself. It's also the highest leverage and most rewarding. My goal is to maximize your potential.

To learn more about working together, contact me.

How My Coaching Works

Most of the people I work with are early stage founders, but I work with leaders in all positions.

The relationship starts with a conversation to find fit. Because I work with no more than eight people at once, this initial call is important to see if we are right partners for each other.

Once we are committed and before we get started, I send a package which includes discovery questions. These discovery questions help me understand your values, goals, habits, strengths and weaknesses, priorities, and more. They also help us prepare for the first 90-minute session. Together we will create a foundational document for the next few months of work together.

I meet with people via video or phone every two weeks for 60 to 90 minute sessions. Outside of these times, I am available by email or phone and commit to getting back in 24-hours. Depending on your goals, in between sessions I check-in with you for accountability, to share books and articles, help you navigate important decisions, and much more.

Think of me as a secret expansion pack to your superpowers.

My coaching starts at $1,000 per month, but I do not let cost get in the way of a meaningful relationship. While I don't have a minimum requirement, I recommend 3 months. Typical engagements are 6 to 12 months. If you have a strong desire to work together, get in touch.